Wordshark 5 Download

$195.50 exGST


This download is a HOME version.  It can be loaded onto 1 computer and can be used b y 2 students and 2 administrators/parents/tutors.

It has all the features of Wordshark 5.

This format is ideal for those computers which do not have a DVD drive or USB port.

A SCHOOL version is also available which will allow use by 1 teacher and UNLIMITED numbers of students.

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Ages 5 up to 15

Wordshark meets the needs of a wide age and ability range. The variety of games, content, and other ways to tailor the program make it highly versatile.

Wide-ranging content

There are 10,000 words in Wordshark. They are grouped into easy-to-use, structured courses. You can also customise Wordshark by adding your own lists.

For dyslexia and other SEN

The program is ideal for students with special educational needs such as dyslexia as well as for EAL learners – English as an additional language.