WordQ + SPeakQ

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SpeakQ plugs into WordQ and adds simple speech recognition.

Conventional speech recognition systems are designed primarily as a productivity tool for persons who have no trouble writing (and dictating) or as an alternative hands-free access tool for persons with physical disabilities. WordQ/SpeakQ, on the other hand, is for those who can type but who have trouble writing and reading in the first place. They can benefit from a combination of word prediction, speech output and speech input to generate text when stuck with spelling and word forms, identifying errors, proofreading and editing. Such users may find it difficult or impossible to use other speech recognition products because of reading demands and complexity.

SpeakQ features a simple training interface where the computer prompts you by voice what to say. You can then dictate directly into any document or dictate into WordQ’s prediction list. Your speech is combined with the word prediction. To keep it simple, there are no verbal commands. You only dictate text. Teachers in special education will appreciate its simplicity.