WordQ5 has been judged as a finalist in the inaugural Australian Access Awards for the Educational app of  2019.

Think.  Write.  Go !

WordQv5 now includes ThoughtQ and SpeakQ.

Universal Design (UDL) Literacy Tools for all Primary, Middle and Secondary Students

Students achieve their reading and writing potential on their own steam.  Their ideas – from head to paper.  Easy-to use, affordable, accessible, confidence-building.

This combination of writing apps provides an enhanced writing tool for primary, middle and secondary schools
It is a simple, yet powerful, writing tool that works on top of any Windows or MacOS application where students write.

All age groups can benefit from using WordQv5. The goal is to help students create better quality written work with greater independence, confidence, and ease.

Students quickly see themselves improve their reading and writing skills with easy-to-use WordQ, SpeakQ, and ThoughtQ software tools on the desktop, Chromebook and iPad. Teachers can focus on teaching as students work with greater independence and confidence. This goes beyond spelling and grammar checking.

Most students have room for, or strive for, improvement. Beyond average students, WordQv5 helps those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, and first and second-language learners (ELL and ESL).


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