WordQ5 has been judged the  in the inaugural Australian Access Awards for the Educational app of  2019.


Think.  Write.  Go !

WordQv5 now includes ThoughtQ and SpeakQ.

WordQ gives students the ability to write in their preferred word processor – either online or offline – with contextual word prediction, speech feedback, and proofreading. Easily use topical vocabulary at various primary and secondary levels, so that students can choose the level that works for their grade level and understanding.

WordQv5 includes ThoughtQ technology, which suggests words and phrases, (which we call thought triggers), that students may not think about when searching independently. It links to Google Search, when online, to help users discover information for essays and reports with less effort and in less time, while gaining greater knowledge.

Speech recognition within WordQ (Windows only) supports students who have difficulty with other dictation software. A custom speech training interface acts like a human trainer to help students to learn how to speak to a computer while learning their voice pattern.


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