Unlike normal sunlight, UV radiation cannot be seen or felt and is different to infra-red.  It is important that students become aware of the effects of UV exposure on human skin and the need to take steps to protect themselves in the future.

The Cancer Council Sun Protection Guidelines state that “. . . the school setting provides a valuable opportunity to influence positive behaviours and establish the use of daily life long sun protection practices”

Our UV Demonstrator Kit provides the opportunity to make students aware of the effects of exposure of sunlight on human skin.  Students carry out experiments by firstly applying sun protection cream or a small ‘mask’ to areas on the surface of the ‘smart card’. The cards have an image of human skin printed on one side.  This image is covered with a UV sensitive film which will darken when exposed to UV light.  The cards are then exposed to natural sunlight while the students observe and record visible changes to the disc.  The changes are recorded by the students which then forms a part of their science curriculum.

The kit contains 14 cards plus instructions and a WHO publication detailing aspects of Sun Protection as a Primary Resource.


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